My father in law


Dad fucks his daughter
Dad fucks girl

It all started shortly after I was married in 1970 and I was just 19. My father in law was a bit younger around 45 and was one for the ladies apparently.

I noticed he was always trying to sneak a glance at me when I wasn’t looking. It was at the height of fashion then for mini skirts and boots with tights.

One night i had arranged for night out with some old friends. I got dressed up in short silky blue dress with matching black silk bikini panties, bra, tan pantyhose and white PVC knee high boots. On the way out I bumped into my father in law (Tim) and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He insisted on taking me for a first drink at the local. The looks I got in there too were clear to see I looked good.  As he bought me a drink I could feel him getting closer all the time. We sat down and he couldn’t take his eyes off my legs. At that stage, I was a litle flattered but insisted I had to move on. He asked where I was going and said he might see me later. I never gave it another thought as I headed off.

After plenty more drinking I was dancing and flirting more. On a slow dance I even let a guy caress my arse as well as a little snog at the end. It was starting to get late and I was quite the worse for wear. I then noticed Tim at the bar and wondered how long he had been there? Had he seen me in full action? He came straight over and insisted in walking me home. I didn’t object and got my coat. We went a different way to usual and he started asking questions about me and the other which I laughed off. We then came to a toilet and I said I needed to go and would he watch out. I went into the cubicle and when I came out I started to do my hair in the mirror. I felt Tim come up behind me and start to nibble my neck and ear lobes. It sent an electric shiver down my spine and I done nothing to resist. He was now feeling my boobs through my dress and then spun me round. He then kissed me on the lips and then drove his tongue into  my mouth. Again I done nothing but then started to respond a little with my tongue. We were both kissing passionately and I could feel his hands wandering up my thighs. He was caressing my bum through my tights and silky knickers. I then felt his hand go over the top of my tights and into my kickers towards my now moist pussy. He was making me more wet teasing me with his fingers. He then pulled down my tights and went down on me pulling my knickers aside. I was in heaven approaching my first orgasm as he went so far into me with is tongue. I pulled him up and started to undo his trousers. They slipped to the floor as I pulled his shorts down. He was by the far the biggest I have seen. It was a good 6 inches but so thick. He then pushed my legs apart and teased me with the tip of his cock. He then entered me and it felt so tight at first. I have never felt anything like it as his strokes got longer and faster. I drew my legs up behind his back drawing me into him further. We kissed passionately as he thrust into me. He then pulled me onto him further and then I felt him  judder and spurt into me. I came instantly as he thrust every last ounce of his cum into me. I was in a daze as he withdrew. He then walked off leaving me  with his cum dripping out of me on the floor. I got myself together and though never again or would I?