My daddy

daughter on father sex

My most darkest fantasy starts with me and my dad going to one of those daddy/daughter dances in middle school…

In my fantasies, I’m way younger… we start dancing, we get closer and closer until his hands are on my ass and I start kissing his neck… people start to look. wispering, pointing. we don’t care. daddy puts his hands up my dress. I kiss him and roll my tongue around in his mouth… by then people are gasping and walking off the dancefloor. we still don’t care. my dress is off and daddy’s kissing my little nipples and down my belly.

I look around and smile at all the people watching in horror as my father starts to lick my bald little pussy. I can’t help but cum. he tells me it tastes good, I tell him I want to taste it, he kisses me and at the same time buries his dick all the way in my soaking wet pussy…. he tells me I’m a good little girl as he fucks me on the floor in front of the whole school.