First anal

Teen gets ass fucked There was this girl who went to school with me and lived in the next set of apartments behind mine that had a super crush on me. She was ugly though. Braces and a little bit of acne.

She really didn’t have a body.

She would always come to my apartment and ask for me. I finally decided to be her friend but I tried to crush her hopes of dating me. Guess it didn’t work. She still kept chasing after me so I figured I might as well use her for a quick blowjob when I get horny.

One day after school I asked to come over to her house and she told me I could because her mom was gone. I came over and we talked and she tried to kiss me. I didn’t do it and made up an excuse and said: “I don’t want to kiss because it will make me horny”. So she grabbed my dick. I asked her if she wanted to give me a blowjob and she said that she didn’t give blowjobs. Then she told me that she was a virgin and didn’t want to have sex. So I lost interest but she kept grabbing at my dick. I joked around and told her that if she didn’t stop I would bend her over and screw her. She did it again so I joked around and bent her over the bed. I unbuckled her pants and she wriggled around a little but really didn’t put up a fight. I pulled her pants down just to test her but she really didn’t do much but playfully push me. I saw her ass so I automatically got a hard on. I pulled her panties down and pulled my pants down and stuck my dick in. She screamed in pain and was pulling on her sheets. I was only a rookie then so after screwing her hard for like 4 mins I pulled out and cummed on her ass. She got up and cleaned off and came back and told me to go home because I had just fucked her in the ass. I didnt know I did though.

After I left her house that day she has never spoke to me again up till today.